About Dr. Eugene Allen

Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen is a leader with over 20 years’ experience working with elected officials and local organizations to improve his community. In 2019, Compton’s City Council presented Dr. Allen with the City of Compton’s Recognition and Appreciation Award for Citywide Testing for Breast Cancer Awareness.


In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Dr. Allen created a family foundation focused on supporting the community. Through the foundation, Dr. Allen and his family have provided food to the unhoused and quarantined, and tested for COVID19 for free. Dr. Allen is also well known in Southern California for his annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway and Holiday Toy Drive during the holiday season for families in need.


Eugene Allen was born in Cleveland, Mississippi to Essie B. Allen. Essie B. died when he was 9 months old. Dr. Allen never knew his father, who also passed early in his life. He was brought up by his grandmother, Rosia H. Miller. Born in 1900, Rosia was the granddaughter of slaves. He recalls never seeing her cry. She taught Dr. Allen to be fearless.


Dr. Allen graduated from East side High School and went to Delta State University, where he received two college degrees. He then spent one year teaching Biology and Chemistry and coaching football at Clarksdale High School. Dr. Allen completed the Advanced Respiratory Therapy Program at the University of South Alabama prior to entering medical school.

Looking out for your fellow man

Dr. Allen graduated from Medical School with honors, then trained in Emergency Medicine at Martin Luther King Hospital in Los Angeles.  After residency, he worked throughout many of California’s busy emergency rooms. In 2003 Dr. Allen opened Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care.


Dr. Eugene Allen married Dr. Connie Yu, now Connie Allen. They have three children: Vinson, Colin, and Aliani.