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Elect Dr. Eugene Allen

Fighting for the people of California

Elect Dr. Eugene Allen for California Insurance Commissioner 2022. Community leader, activist, and family man, has decided to represent the residents of California. With the encouragement of democratic leaders, state representatives, and local mayors, Dr. Allen decided to bring his platform before the people of California. The belief in helping your fellow man – is truly the backbone of this campaign. Standing with those who have no representation or voice, Eugene Allen is the choice for California insurance commissioner 2022.


Dr. Allen has been active in the various communities, along with his wife, Dr. Connie Yu Allen, and their children. They’ve attended numerous events to provide aid to the homeless, while feeding families with no income. Dr. Allen is committed to standing with his fellow man – living the act in real time. The Los Angeles communities are speaking out loud and clear. It’s time for a career politicians to be active in the community and do the job or leave office. Vote to elect Dr. Eugene Allen for California Insurance Commissioner 2022.

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Standing with the People

I will fight with those who have no voice in government! I stand with millions of California drivers, in jeopardy of losing their group discounts. If the California Department of Insurance is successful in reversing insurance policies voters adopted through proposition 103 in 1988, every driving resident in California will be effected. As Insurance Commissioner, I stand with injured workers in California. As a doctor, I see thousands of injured workers not getting the proper care and treatment they deserve. It’s time our voices are heard and elect me in 2022 and I will Protect AB 1465. The pandemic has shown us that if we stand united, Californian’s are strong and fearless, all while caring for our fellow man.  Let’s Stand Together!

Health Insurance

The entire healthcare system in California is facing future challenges. No longer should hospitals be put in a position to turn away sick patients. I stand in support with independent emergency departments and medical groups who stand in the gap for patients with non- fatal emergency needs during the pandemic, many of them struggle to keep their doors open for non-payments of services. Urgent cares are a major part of California’s health system, they take the overload from hospitals – who deal directly with out-of-network insurance patients. It’s time to work with our California Primary Care Providers. It’s time to build a bridge with medical professionals, with video telemedicine on the rise and medical concierge service for those who can’t make to the doctor.

Elect me Dr. Eugen Allen – I will work with Legislation for a better health Care system.

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    Elect Dr. Eugene Allen

    Fighter for the people

    Doctor Allen Announces Run for California Insurance Commissioner 2022


    Dr. Eugene Allen, known throughout Los Angeles for feeding thousands during the onset of the pandemic, is making a first-time bid for statewide office.

    Dr. Eugene Allen, Los Angeles front line pandemic doctor, announces his run for California Insurance Commissioner in 2022. As an established community leader, Dr. Allen formed St. Vinson Eugene Allen and created a network of businesses and volunteers to feed thousands of people who were quarantined. The organization also provided free COVID-19 testing for the homeless in Los Angeles and Orange County.


    During an award ceremony with San Gabriel Mayor Chin Ho Liao, Dr. Allen announced his candidacy, as a Democrat, for the office of Insurance Commissioner. Allen pointed out during his speech that he is running on a platform of fairness, equality and transparency. The doctor further spoke about many concerns of California residents. READ MORE

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